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Inspiration / Exhibition in 360°

Exhibition in 360°



Here you have the opportunity to digitally visit our stand and see news and products in the Spring / Summer range 2021 for Mr Plant and Holmen. Our digital stand is best suited to be visited on a computer where you have the opportunity to control with the mouse.

What are we exhibiting here?

At our exhibition, you will find out stand in its entirety, seasonally adapted to the Spring / Summer range 2021.

How do I navigate around the booth?

White dots: It is possible to click around the stand, click on the white circles in the floor to get you where you want. You can also scroll with the mouse to get closer to the products.

Blue dots: The blue dots are the different tables around the stand, here we have lifted the products that are on and around the specific place. By pressing the blue dot, you are moved to a new window in the browser where you can see all the products that are around that paricular dot.

What do I do if I am interested in a product that is not inculded? 
We are working to include as much as possible, but with over 3000 items that are replaced according to the season, unfortunately not everything will be included. Contact us if you do not know the name of the product or if you do not find it yourself in any of our catalogs / website.

What do I do if I want to buy one of the products?
You can add the products to the shopping cart as usual when you are moved to one of the blue dots. You need to be logged in and registered with us to shop.

You can always contact us if you have questions or need help!