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Artificial plants

True to nature with very high quality

We are passionate about everything in artificial plants - We have a large selection for homes and public environments with an assortment under constant change to suit your needs. Artificial plants have long been used as gifts and in interior design, yet the feeling lives on in many that artificial plants should be low quality and cheap because they do not look or feel natural. This is no longer the truth. Today's modern technology makes it possible to produce high quality flowers that are very close to the real thing. See for example our range of
Real Touch are created with extra love and have the feeling of real flowers.

Why artificial plants? We see that demand is increasing at all our retailers and large chains have begun to pick it up in their range. There are many plants that are super nice but do not last very long, you may not have the energy to buy new plants or take care of large arrangements that constantly require your care and it is not certain that they will survive for it. Everything you can do with ordinary plants can also be done with our products and it is guaranteed to last longer. Many do not even reflect on the fact that they are artificial plants as they are so similar in color and shape. In our range we have everything from cut flowers to large trees and green plants - there is something for everyone.